Online Wholesale Application Form

An online wholesale application form can be built into your website and work in tandem with your B2B ecommerce platform to streamline your approval process. Filling out this form may be the first interaction that a new business customer has with your company.

Shouldn’t their first experience be a good one?

The wholesale application form is a staple in the process of building new relationships with distributors and retailers. This process control ensures that you have all of the information that you need about the business that you’re going to begin selling your products to at wholesale prices.

Today some businesses have a legacy process that requires paper forms to be faxed or mailed. Others have a manual online process like a basic form on a website or a PDF that can be emailed to the wholesale approval team. The most innovative businesses have a wholesale application form that is intricately tied into their ecommerce platform and/or ERP system.

Online Wholesale Application Process

  • Bob, a new wholesale customer, visits your website.
  • Bob fills out basic contact information, upload appropriate documents (business license, Tax ID, etc) and answers a series of qualifying questions.
  • Jerry on your team gets an email that says, “There’s a new wholesale application awaiting your approval. Review the information here.”
  • Jerry clicks the link, reviews the information and approves the account.
  • Jerry views the new customer account and selects Tier 1 Pricing.
  • Bob gets an automated email from the system that says, “Congratulations, you’ve been approved as a new wholesale customer. Log in here to start shopping.”
  • Bob logs in to his new account and sees that his prices are 10% less than the Minimum Advertised Price.

Digitizing this process makes it much faster. Every B2B Ecommerce platform should have an intuitive and easy to use wholesale application form and approval process.

As you improve the speed of your internal processes you reduce friction for your business customers. Reduced friction can result in an increase in sales and a pleasant buying experience can encourage reorders. However, this may not be relevant for you if you have a corner on the market and everyone wants your products. The rest of us, in competitive markets, need to continue to think about speeding up our process to better serve our customers.

Design Your Own Form

Here are some key questions to ask when designing your own form.

What information do we need from our wholesale customers?
What, if any, documents do we need to keep on file for our wholesale customers?
Are there any qualifying questions that we can ask to determine the pricing and/or payment methods that we’ll allow for this customer?
How can we design the application to make it easy to onboard new customers?
Who will be in charge of approving these applications internally?

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