Blogging Too Little

The problem with blogging too little is that you don’t give yourself enough “at bats” to become a great blogger.

Over time I’ve started and stopped blogging many times. I’ve been critical of the things that I wrote. I’ve deleted or hid many blog posts from the past.

There’s a certain fear that some blog posts aren’t “good enough.” If the post isn’t good enough then somebody that reads it may never come back again.

Unfortunately, this limited way of thinking has been paralyzingly. Instead of writing, editing and getting better I’ve stopped writing altogether. 

I aim to blog more. I read a lot of blogs. I read a lot of books. I watch a lot of YouTube videos. I have things to say about them and I’d like to start doing a better job of sharing them.

If you’re reading this I have one request for you. Be patient with me. My writing isn’t perfect. I haven’t narrowed my focus to a specific niche/topic yet. However, I’m making an effort to do this more frequently and I hope that you reap the rewards of my labor.

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