Establishing Principles as a Framework for Decision Making

Establishing personal principles is an important but difficult exercise.

Our CEO was telling me last week that successful companies are able to grow and stay agile because they operate from principles. Companies that choose to operate from rules become rigid, bureaucratic and slow. I tend to believe that he’s right.

I also believe that the same thing is true in our personal lives. When we become principled people it is easier for us to make decisions. We can rely on the principles that we establish in our lives to aid our decision making.

The challenge with principles is that they don’t leave you with a direct answer. You’re left to think for yourself. You’ll need to ask yourself, “how does this principle apply in this situation?” Critical thinking is challenging and is an art (or science?) that is lost on our scrolling generation.

I really like the idea of establishing principles that are a framework for future decision making. I’m going to attempt this and see how it goes.