Creating Breakthrough Shopping Experiences With Proven Traffic And Revenue Drivers

CPC Strategy recently hosted a series of webinars called the Q4 Digital Commerce AdTalks.

I had the privilege of presenting on the topic of, “Creating Breakthrough Shopping Experiences With Proven Traffic and Revenue Drivers.”

This topic catered specifically to ecommerce managers or store owners that want to improve the online shopping experience on their website.

The presentation was broken down into six main sections.

  1. Drive Traffic
  2. Convert the Sale
  3. Inspire Customers to Buy More
  4. Capture Contact Information
  5. Dazzle and Deliver
  6. Invite Customers Back Again

You can watch the entire video replay and view the slides here

Drive Traffic

How do you drive traffic to your store? What are new and innovative ways that you can drive new traffic to your store?

Here are some things to explore.

  • Instagram Influencer Advertising
  • Snapchat Geographic Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising (Custom Audiences)
  • YouTube Preroll Video Advertising
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Shopping
  • Bing Ads
  • Digital Display Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Billboards

Convert the Sale

Once somebody arrives at your website, how are you going to get them to click the Add to Cart Button? How are you going to get them to buy your products?

  • Make sure that you have strong contrast between button color and background color.
  • Make sure your pages load quickly and are mobile-responsive.
  • Make sure your Add to Cart button is easy to click from anywhere on the page.
  • Include Trust and Credibility symbols on the product page and throughout the checkout.

Inspire Customers to Buy More

A visitor may have landed on your store to buy a single product. How do you inspire them to buy more? How can you provide more value?

  • Related products on the product page.
  • Upsell of related products on Add to Cart function.
  • Upsell of related/Basket.
  • Upsell of related items in Checkout.

Capture Contact Information

A visitor can quickly navigate away from your store. How are you going to capture their contact information? What can you offer them in exchange for their email address? That email address can be used to market to the customer and may eventually lead to a transaction.

  • Offer a discount in a pop up upon arrival to the store.
  • Offer a “content upgrade” on blog pages that will be delivered via email.
  • Use a service that can trigger an “exit intent” pop up with a one time discount.
  • Use a service that can send “abandoned cart” emails to potential customers that didn’t convert.

Dazzle and Deliver

How can you dazzle your customers? How can you set expectations for them around shipping cost and arrival dates?

  • Display an estimated arrival date on the product page.
  • Give an option to enter a zip code in the basket to see shipping options before checkout.
  • Give customers a free “add on” product with purchase.
  • Give customers free shipping whenever possible.
  • Alternatively, use free shipping as a coupon in an abandoned basket email.

Invite Customers Back Again

How are you going to get a customer to come back and buy from you again?

  • AdRoll Retargeting
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Segmented Email Marketing

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