The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies

The Ultimate Sales Machine:
Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies


Chet Holmes had a long career working for billionaire Charlie Munger and later as a sales trainer and author. His training sessions or workshops would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Many of the tactics and strategies that he would teach in those workshops has been distilled into The Ultimate Sales Machine.

The book is 12 chapters and the material is fairly easy to read. Chet boils down big concepts into bite-sized chunks. There are also exercises in each chapter so that you can apply the learnings from the book immediately.

Many business leaders come from a background in finance, accounting or operations and do not have any meaningful training in sales. This book is a fantastic introduction to the topic of sales and addresses many of the “big picture” concepts and ideas that help a sales organization run. Some of the tactics may be outdated as the book was originally written in 2007. However, a business that can successfully adapt these strategies to present-day tactics will see a measurable improvement in sales.


Amazon – 4.6 out of 5 Stars
GoodReads – 3.94 out of 5 Stars

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My Recommendation

I would recommend this book to any executive that would like to improve their company’s sales process, any sales rep looking to improve their skills or any student majoring in business that would like to see if sales is for them.

Book Outline

Chapter 1 – Time Management Secrets of Billionaires

How to Maximize Your Productivity and Help Your People Do the Same

  • Step 1: Touch It Once
  • Step 2: Make Lists
  • Step 3: Plan How Much Time You Will Allocate to Each Task
  • Step 4: Plan the Day
  • Step 5: Prioritize
  • Step 6: Ask Yourself, “Will It Hurt Me to Throw This Away?”

Chapter 2 – Instituting Higher Standards and Regular Training

Preprogram Your Organization to Run LIke a Finely Tuned Machine

  • The Tribal Method of Training
  • Training Sets Standards
  • Training Makes Money
  • Train or Be Derailed
  • How to Run a Training Session
  • Technology Training Can Be a Boon to Productivity

Chapter 3 – Executing Effective Meetings

How to Work Together to Improve Every Aspect of Your Company Using Workshop Training

  • The Large-Company Model
  • Workshops
  • The Benefits of Workshop Training
  • Step-by-Step to an Outstanding Workshop
  • Taking Action on Workshop Ideas
  • Fixing 18 Ten-Year-Old Customer Service Problems in Two Hours Flat
  • Continuing Workshops
  • 10 Steps to Implement Any New Policy
    1. Get Everyone to Feel the Pain
    2. Hold a Workshop to Generate Solutions
    3. Develop a “Conceptual Solution or Procedure”
    4. Leader or Top Talent PErsonally Performs Procedure or Task
    5. Set a Deadline for Testing the Conceptual Procedure
    6. Document Step-by-Step Procedure or Process
    7. Have Show-and-Tell and Role Playing
    8. Have Another Workshop on How to Improve
    9. Monitor the Procedure Directly
    10. Measure and Reward the Outcome

Chapter 4 – Becoming a Brilliant Strategist

How to Get Up to Nine Times More Impact from Every Move You Make

  • Increasing Sales 600 Percent by Adding Just One Additional Strategic Objective
  • The Stadium Pitch
  • More on Education-Based Marketing
  • How This Could Fail: The Tactical Executive
  • Going Deeper
  • Souping Up the Strategy

Chapter 5 – Hiring Superstars

How to Accelerate Your Growth by Using High-Octane Talent at Every Level

  • What Makes a Superstar?
  • Guidelines to Hiring Superstars
  • The Prescreen – the Method You Won’t Find in Any Human Resources Manual
  • Three Steps to Interviewing Superstars
    1. Relax
    2. Probe
    3. Attack
  • Rewarding Your Superstar
  • How to Manage a Superstar
  • A Note on All Hires

Chapter 6 – The High Art of Getting the Best Buyers

The Fastest, Least Expensive Way to Dramatically Increase Sales

  • Business-to-Business Sales
  • Penetrating Hollywood
  • Business-to-Consumer Sales
  • Dream Affiliates
  • Lifetime Value of Client
  • The Power of Referrals

Chapter 7 – The Seven Musts of Marketing

Turbocharge Every Aspect of Your Primary Marketing Efforts

  • Marketing Weapon 1: Advertising
  • Marketing Weapon 2: Direct Mail
  • Marketing Weapon 3: Corporate Literature
  • Marketing Weapon 4: Public Relations
  • Marketing Weapon 5: Personal Contact
  • Marketing Weapon 6: Trade Shows and Market Education
  • Marketing Weapon 7: Internet

Chapter 8 – The Eyes Have It

Attract and Close More Buyers by Using More Compelling Visuals, Plus the Biggest Mistakes Everyone Makes When Presenting

  • The Eyes Have It
  • Color Also Helps
  • Rules for Effective Presenting
  • The Three Modes of Communication
  • Eight Common Mistakes Presenters Make
  • Thanking Prospects for Their Time or Apologizing for Taking It
  • Presenting with Your Hands in Your Pockets
  • Presenting from a Sitting Position
  • Being Led Around by Your Nose
  • Letting the Materials Upstage You or Guide You
  • Keeping It Totally Serious
  • Failing to Practice the Presentation Each and Every Time Before You Give It
  • Having No Idea What Comes Next in the Presentation

Chapter 9 – The Nitty-Gritty of Getting the Best Buyers

Step-by-Step, Day-by-Day Tactics to Land Your Dream Clients

  • The Perfect-World Dream 100 Sell
  • Six Simple Steps for Getting Down to the Nitty-Gritty
    1. Choose Your Dream 100
    2. Choose the Gifts
    3. Create Your Dream 100 Letter
    4. Create Your Dream 100 Calendar
    5. Conduct Dream 100 Phone Call Follow-up
    6. Present the Executive Briefing

Chapter 10 – Sales Skills

The Deeper You Go, the More You Will Sell

  • Levels of Learning
    • Sales Step 1: Establish Rapport
    • Sales Step 2: Qualify the Buyer (Find the Need)
    • Sales Step 3: Build Value
    • Sales Step 4: Create Desire
    • Sales Step 5: Overcome Objections
    • Sales Step 6: Close the Sale
    • Sales Step 7: Follow Up

Chapter 11 – Follow-up and Client Bonding Skills

How to Keep Clients Forever and Dramatically Increase Your Profits

  • The Cool-Off Factor
  • Set Yourself Up for Great Follow-up
  • 10 Steps to Great Follow-up
    1. Send the First Follow-up Letter
    2. Make the First Follow-up Call
    3. Share Something Amusing or of Personal Interest
    4. Throw a Party, Share a Meal, and Bond Like Crazy
    5. Send Another Fax/Email/Letter/Card
    6. Plan Something Fun That Can Include the Family
    7. Offer Something to Help Their Business
    8. Send Another Fax/Email/Letter/Card
    9. Offer More Help to Succeed
    10. Invite Them to Your Home or Be Invited to Theirs

Chapter 12 – All Systems Go

Setting Goals, Measuring Effectiveness, and Activating Your Master Plan

  • What We Think Defines Who We Are
  • How It Works
  • Harnessing the Power of the RAS
  • Strings into Steel
  • A Shortcut
  • Sales Affirmations
  • Using Your RAS in Goal Setting
  • Goal-Writing Workshop
  • Measuring Effectiveness: Keys to Increasing Performance
  • Why a Fax and Not an Email?
  • Firing on All Eight Cylinders

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